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Developing Parsers in Python

Developing parsers in Python, Scrapy, Beautiful Soup and Selenium WebDriver. Data collection and structuring. Monitoring ads, product prices, news feeds, reviews, etc.

  • 7 years in the market
  • 74 specialists
  • Upwork 100% Job success

We save your time and money

Working with us is more profitable than hiring in-house specialists and more secure than working with freelancers.

Flexible approach, transparent reporting

We work on an iterative model. Hourly reporting is available at any time.

Stability and predictability

We have been working since 2013 with a narrow technological stack. Our specialists have confirmed qualifications.

We keep our agreements and deadlines

We work under a contract or offer. We are available daily. We do not get sick, do not leave for vacation, and do not take maternity leave.

  • Complex parsers with authorization and captcha passing

    – We will conduct research and parse data from closed sections of websites and data protected by captchas.

    Any data format – we do import/export, parsing of the following data formats: XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, XLSM, XLSB, DBF, etc.

    Parsing of products for online stores – we will parse a product catalog and import it into your online store.

    Updating prices according to price lists – we will set up a parser that will periodically update prices on the website according to supplier price lists.

    If necessary, we will create a convenient web interface for managing the parser.

Our principles of work

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Time & Material

The creation of parsers is carried out according to the Time & Material model (payment for the actual hours worked).
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Working hours are logged through our ERP system. We can additionally duplicate the time in your accounting system.
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Personal manager

The manager will help to establish work processes, always listen and answer organizational and other questions.

Together to new heights!

We offer reliable cooperation and expert assistance in solving technical problems of your project. Ready to get started?