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Outsource and outstaff Python and Django developers

Backend development, support, and development of web applications in Python and Django. Complex web applications, microservices, APIs, parsers and more. We'll form or strengthen your team.

  • 7 years of experience in Python and Django development
  • 30+ Django backend and full-stack specialists
  • Upwork 100% Job success

We save your time and money on development

Working with us is more cost-effective than hiring in-house specialists and more reliable than working with freelancers.

Flexible approach and transparent reporting

We work on an iterative model. Hourly reporting is available at any time.

Stability and predictability

We've been working since 2013 with a narrow technological stack, and our specialists have confirmed qualifications.

We keep agreements and deadlines

We work according to a contract or offer, and we are in touch every day.

  • Outsourcing and outstaffing, hiring a development team

    We will provide an experienced backend developer (Node.js, NestJS) or provide implementation of a whole team. Our specialists have been carefully selected, have proven qualifications. Ready to start work within a week.

  • Production-oriented development

    First of all, we are engineers, and our main purpose is to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to business problems. In our work we use a lot of different tools and technologies. Our key backend stack: Python, Django, Node.js, NestJS, TypeScript, Express.js

  • Minimal Bureaucracy

    For small projects we will provide minimal bureaucracy – no spoiled phones, only you and the executor in the team. For larger projects we can additionally involve a frontend developer (React.js, Vue.js), analyst, project manager, tester, designer and devops.

  • Well-established organizational and technical processes

    We don’t complicate workflows unnecessarily. We treat resources carefully. We develop by sprints. We automate deployment and testing processes. Our backend developers are not afraid of the frontend, and frontend developers are not afraid of the backend.

Python and Django: Key Benefits

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MVP Development

Django Framework includes a large set of out-of-the-box features, which significantly increases the speed of development, and as a consequence, the time to market.
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Backend development of complex web projects

The framework is great for creating scalable and highly loaded services. Youtube, Instagram, DropBox, and many other projects with a multimillion audience are built using Python and Django, among others.
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REST API development

Django Rest Framework (DRF) makes it relatively easy and fast to create a flexible and powerful API for both web services and mobile applications.
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Python and Django Framework are great for creating independent modules as part of a microservice architecture for large web services.
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Integration of third-party services

Thanks to the popularity of Python, many large companies have developed their own pip packages to simplify integration with third-party services.
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Development team

We will provide a well-coordinated team of backend developers to quickly create a project. If necessary, strengthen the team with additional specialists (Vue.js, Node.js, React, DevOps, Q/A, P/M)
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Support and development of web projects

We will take a finished project for technical support, which includes the development and improvement of functionality, code refactoring.

Together to new heights!

We offer reliable cooperation and expert assistance in solving technical problems of your project. Ready to get started?