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Developing web applications with Django, Node, Vue, and React

We design, develop and enhance
Complex web applications on modern stack: Python, Django, Node.js, NestJS, React.js, Vue.js, TypeScript.
Outsourcing and outstaffing programmers.

  • On the market since 2013
  • 74 specialists
  • Upwork 100% Job success

Saving your time and money

Working with us is more cost-effective than hiring in-house specialists and more secure than working with freelancers.

Flexible approach, transparent reporting

We work with an iterative model. Hourly reporting is available at any time.

Stability and predictability

Operating since 2013 with a narrow technology stack. Specialists have verified qualifications.

We respect agreements and deadlines

We work under a contract or offer. Available daily for communication. Cats don't get sick, girls don't leave, we don't take vacations or maternity leaves.

  • Outsourcing and outstaffing programmers

    Pyheads is a community of more than 50 Middle and Senior engineers specializing in a narrow technology stack. All developers have passed a rigorous selection process, have verified qualifications, and a high level of “soft skills.”

  • Development with a focus on production

    First and foremost, we are engineers, and our primary purpose is to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for business tasks. In our work, we use a wide variety of tools and technologies. Only one thing remains constant: our stack: Django, NodeJS (NestJS), VueJS, ReactJS, and Typescript.

  • Quick start, minimal bureaucracy

    Ready to start working within one week. For small projects, we ensure minimal bureaucracy – no broken telephones, only you and the performer in the team. For larger projects, we involve an analyst, manager, tester, and DevOps if necessary.

  • High-level organizational and technical processes

    We don’t complicate work processes without a clear need. We treat resources with care. We conduct development in sprints or Kanban. We automate deployment and testing processes. Our backend developers are not afraid of frontend, and frontend developers are not afraid of backend.



IdPowers expert team

We are interested in long-term cooperation. Working with us, you get a reliable partner for solving all technical tasks for your projects.

Dmitry Barakh Dmitry Barakh

Dmitry Barakh

Founder and CEO

Vadim Shakurov Vadim Shakurov

Vadim Shakurov

Head of back-end development

Nikita Korolev Nikita Korolev

Nikita Korolev

Head of front-end development

Core competencies

Front-end development

VueJS, React.js, TypeScript

NuxtJS, Vuex, HTML5, CSS3, Stylus, SCSS/SASS, LESS, PostCSS, JS (ES5, ES6, ESNext), Webpack, Gulp, Yarn, Jade, Nuxt, Quasar Framework, Vuetify, Ant Framework, Next.js

Back-end development

Python, Django, NodeJS, Nest.js

Django REST API, Scrapy & Beautifulsoup, Docker, CI/CD, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Celery, RabbitMQ, Jinja2, Ansible, AWS


CI/CD (Gitlab), Docker

Yandex.Cloud, Selectel, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Azure, GitLab CI, Docker, Nexus, Ansible, Drone CI, TeamCity, AWS CodePipeline, Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus, Elastic Stack, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Application Insights

More profitable with us

Time for selection
and implementation of a specialist
up to 5 days 20-40 days 10-20 days
Payment to a recruiting
None High None
Probability of changing the contractor
before the project is completed
Very low Medium Very high
Verified qualification
of contractors
Costs of termination
None Very high None
100% money back during the trial
period if the contractor is not suitable
Cost of services $$$$ $$$$$ $$$

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