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“Vash Investor” Personal Account

Vash Investor Auto Title Loan Service

Project Description

“Your Investor” is a web application that allows users to utilize the company’s auto collateral loan services without the need to physically visit an office. Users can gain access to their personal account after applying for a loan, where they can perform several operations including making payments, setting up automatic payments, getting updated with news and bonus programs, and applying for new loans.

Main Goals

Simplification and acceleration of the auto collateral loan application process.

Enhancing customer satisfaction by providing convenient functions and automated processes in the personal account.

Reducing office resources and personnel load by eliminating the need for physical presence of the client.

Core Functionality

●  Integration with the ERP system and other services to gather information about users and their loans.Payment and automatic payments, news and bonus programs, loan application – all from the main page of the personal account.

●  Detailed information about loans, including parameters, history, and payment schedule, is available on a separate page.

●  The possibility of applying for a pre-approved loan with subsequent transfer of funds to the user’s bank account.


Since the project’s launch, we have created a functional and user-friendly web application that has simplified the process of applying for auto collateral loans. This has resulted in increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in the load on office resources and personnel. The project continues to actively develop, aiming to meet a wide range of both customer and end-user needs.