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Corporate website for a finance company

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Project Description

The project involved the development of a corporate website for LLC “Vash Investor” to showcase the organization’s capabilities and advantages to potential collaborators. The website implemented a modular approach, allowing users to construct pages using pre-designed blocks. Additionally, static pages were created to feature the company’s blog, news updates, FAQs, testimonials, and team information. The key feature of the website was its customizable design achieved through a user-friendly administrative panel.

Main Goals

●  Develop a corporate website that effectively presents the company’s offerings and encourages collaboration.

●  Implement a modular approach to page construction, allowing users to customize the website’s layout using pre-designed blocks.

●  Create a user-friendly administrative panel for easy content management and styling options.

The website administrators, specifically the client and their team, can construct web pages in real-time by selecting and arranging pre-designed blocks. These blocks encompass a range of elements such as promotional information, calculators, testimonials, news sections, contact forms, and more. The administrative panel provides the necessary tools for the client to customize the website’s layout and content according to their preferences.

The administrative panel empowers to create multiple variations of each block and customize them according to their preferences. This includes modifying background colors, content, the number of elements, and icon styles. The goal is to provide a consistent yet personalized look throughout the website.

In addition to the customizable pages, the website incorporates static pages dedicated to the company’s blog, news updates, FAQs, testimonials, and team information. The client has full control over updating and managing the content of these pages using the intuitive administrative panel.


As a result of the project, the client has received a modern website with a customizable design. The implementation of the Django framework allows for the utilization of a configurable administrative panel, enabling the client to easily tailor the website according to their specific needs. The modular approach to page construction provides flexibility and simplifies future updates and modifications. The website effectively showcases the company’s offerings and ensures seamless collaboration with its audience.