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Superlance – Freelance Job Aggregator

The web platform gathers job listings from various freelance marketplaces and keeps them in one place - a personalized job feed. The service enables freelancers and small agencies to efficiently track the emergence of new jobs and respond to them promptly.


Project Description

The project includes a landing page, user dashboard, admin panel, and an independent billing system. The platform gathers job listings from more than 10 freelance marketplaces. The main challenge was to create stable parsers for each marketplace, implement a parameter-based filtering system, and enable convenient full-text search.

The job feed is updated every minute. If a new job matching the filtering criteria appears, the user receives instant notification.

The backend is built using Python 3 and Django 4, the frontend utilizes Vue 2 and Ant.design. Beautiful Soup and Scrapy are used for the parsing system, Elasticsearch powers the search functionality, and Gitlab Ci/Cd automates the deployment process.

Main Goals

●  Create a convenient and intuitive web platform that gathers freelance jobs from various marketplaces. This way, users will find it easy to discover suitable jobs from different sources in one place

●  Provide users with the ability to customize individual filters to create personalized job feeds, as well as the option to copy and delete filters according to their preferences

●  Develop a system for instant notifications about new jobs

●  Implement a subscription-based monetization model for the service

Key Features

●  Automated collection of freelance jobs from popular freelance marketplaces

●  User registration via email or vk.com

●  As part of the onboarding process, users are provided with personalized job search filters based on their technical skills

●  Instant notifications about new jobs are sent through Telegram or push notifications, with the option to enable a sleep mode that temporarily disables notifications

●  Billing and subscription system. Integration with the payment system Ю.Kassa for payments and integration with Modulbank for issuing receipts


As a result of our work, we have created and successfully launched Superlance.pro website. Users have gained a convenient and efficient tool for finding freelance jobs.