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Vue.js Outsource and Outstaff

Frontend development, support and development of complex web applications in JavaScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js and TypeScript. Dashboards, charts, infographics, PWAs, personal accounts, SPAs, and more. We will form or strengthen your team.

  • 7 years on the market
  • 74 specialists
  • Upwork 100% Job success

We save your time and money

Working with us is more profitable than hiring staff and more reliable than working with freelancers.

Flexible approach and transparent reporting

We work on an iterative model and provide hourly reporting available at any time.

Stability and predictability

We have been working since 2013 with a narrow technological stack. Our specialists have confirmed qualifications.

We keep agreements and deadlines

We work under a contract, and we are always in touch.

  • Your Source for Outsourcing and Outstaffing Solutions, Backed by Skilled Developers

    Count on us to provide a seasoned backend developer well-versed in Node.js and NestJS or to assemble a dedicated development team. Our team members are selected with care and boast proven qualifications.

  • We Prioritize Product-Oriented Development

    Above all, we are engineers committed to identifying the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Our toolkit comprises a diverse range of tools and technologies, with our core backend stack featuring Node.js, NestJS, TypeScript, and Express.js.

  • Simplified Procedures for Smoother Collaboration

    For smaller projects, we keep things simple, reducing bureaucracy to a minimum. It’s just you and the executor working together. For larger projects, we can expand the team to include a frontend developer (proficient in React.js or Vue.js), an analyst, a project manager, a tester, a designer, and a devops expert.

  • Efficient Organizational and Technical Workflows

    We believe in keeping workflows uncomplicated and managing resources carefully. Our development approach is sprint-based, and we’ve automated deployment and testing processes. Our backend developers are comfortable handling frontend tasks, and our frontend specialists are equally adept at backend work.

Vue.js: Key Benefits

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MVP Development

Vue.js's high flexibility, speed, and performance enable us to reduce development time and, as a result, the time to market for products.
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Development of complex web application frontends

The MVC concept, flexible and adaptable framework ecosystem allows us to effectively develop scalable applications.
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Development Team

We provide a well-coordinated team of frontend developers to quickly create your project. If necessary, we can strengthen the team with additional specialists (Node.js, Django, React, DevOps, Q/A, P/M).
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Development of SPAs

Vue.js provides fast loading of application web pages, easy data caching, and high flexibility of the user interface.
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Third-party service integration

Large companies develop Vue versions of npm packages, which allow developers to save time by not having to create basic logic for integrating with third-party services.
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Support and development of web projects

Let's take a ready-made project for technical support, which includes development and improvement of functionality, code refactoring.

Together to new heights!

We offer reliable cooperation and expert assistance in solving technical problems of your project. Ready to get started?