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MyAhiska – A Social Networking Platform

MyAhiska is a large and complex product with its own story and users myahiska

Project description

MyAhiska is a social networking platform developed by our IT company with a special focus on the Ahiska Turkish community. The main goal of MyAhiska is to contribute to the formation of a strong and thriving community among the Ahiska Turks worldwide. It encourages cultural exchange, mutual support, and opportunities for networking. It strives to preserve and popularize the rich cultural heritage of the Ahiska Turkish community through various interactive features. Our platform offers a convenient, user-friendly, and customizable interface.


The user should register to use the site. Once registration is complete future logins will be automatic.

Profile Page

Once registered, users gain access to a personalized profile page, serving as their digital identity within the community. They have the freedom to share personal information, upload photos and audio materials, and express their unique personalities.


Messenger page is divided into 2 columns. On the left, there is a narrow column with a chat list. On the right there is a big block showing currently active conversations. The chat list is sorted by date of the last messages. The newest chats will appear on the top. Users can attach files and create group chats with several members, as desired.


Additionally, platform offers multiple site styles, including standard, light, and dark themes, allowing users to customize their visual experience according to their preferences.

Your Friends

All friends of the user are displayed in this section. On this page the user can send messages or remove someone from their friend list.

Your Photo Galleries

MyAhiska provides users with the opportunity to create and curate their own photo galleries, capturing precious moments and memories within the community.

Mobile Version

MyAhiska has developed a mobile version that ensures users can access the platform effortlessly on their smartphones. This mobile-optimized experience retains the core functionalities and offers a simplified interface, enabling users to stay connected on the go.

Tablet Version

Moreover, our platform extends its accessibility to tablets, providing an enhanced browsing experience for users who prefer larger screens. The tablet version leverages the available screen space to showcase content, facilitate navigation, and optimize interactivity, enriching the overall user experience.


The development of the MyAhiska social networking platform will successfully provide a dedicated online community for Ahiska Turks, where they can communicate, share their experiences, and maintain connections. The platform offers seamless user registration, profile customization, a messaging system, various site styles, photo galleries, and optimized versions for mobile phones and tablets. The goal is to facilitate connections and provide a user-friendly experience that enables users to interact with the community and share their stories and experiences.