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Yacht Rental Marketplace

The client's goal was to create an easy to use web application for their yacht rental service.


Project description

Our team of experienced developers has built SailSpeak, a comprehensive yacht rental platform designed from the ground up for ease of use and seamless connectivity between yacht owners and clients.

SailSpeak enhances the overall accessibility of yacht rental for
clients while simplifying booking, search and transactional processes.

For yacht owners, the platform offers simple tools to publish information about their yachts, flexible price settings and ways to receive rental payments.

Main Goals

●  A tool for communicating and sharing the experiences of a community interested in yachting

●  A tool that covers the whole process of renting a yacht: researching yacht sailing material, searching for available yachts, paying for the charter, writing a review of the yacht

●  Easy-to-use and user-friendly design tool for both customers and yacht owners

●  A tool that allows a yacht owner to talk about their yacht rental service and monitor the rental process

Core Functionality

Responsive Web Design: We developed a visually appealing and responsive website that seamlessly adapts to various devices, ensuring a smooth user experience on desktop computers and mobile devices.

User-friendly Homepage: We designed an attractive and user-friendly homepage that serves as a central hub for yacht rentals. It showcases featured yachts, popular travel itineraries, and captivating articles, providing users with an enticing introduction to the world of yacht chartering. This homepage also highlights the best options based on reviews, ratings, and trusted boats.

Advanced Yacht and Destination Search: Our team implemented a powerful search engine that enables users to easily find and discover yachts and explore different travel destinations, making the search process efficient and intuitive.

Yacht Owner Profile Page: We created a comprehensive profile page for yacht owners, equipping them with the tools to manage their yachts, share articles, and keep track of bookings. This feature empowers yacht owners to efficiently manage their business and engage with potential clients, providing guaranteed security and offering verified boats.

Interactive Comments Section: To foster user engagement and build a thriving community, we developed an interactive comments section for articles. Users can leave comments, ask questions, and share their experiences, creating a vibrant platform for discussion and interaction. This promotes reviews and ratings from users, providing valuable insights and building trust.

Messaging System: Our user-friendly messaging system facilitates seamless communication between users. It enables easy and efficient correspondence, making it convenient for users to inquire about yacht availability, discuss booking details, and address any inquiries or concerns. This ensures real-time communication and support.

Real-time Notification System: We integrated a real-time notification system that delivers instant updates and important information to users. This ensures that users stay informed about relevant events, such as new yacht listings, booking confirmations, and important announcements. This feature keeps users updated in real-time and promotes a sense of urgency and engagement.

Yacht Geolocation Tracking: By integrating a robust geolocation tracking system, we provide users with real-time information about the exact location of the yachts they are interested in. This feature enhances transparency and allows users to track the movement of their selected yacht, providing an additional layer of security.

Automatic Estimation of Rental Prices: Our platform incorporates an automatic rental price estimation system that accurately calculates the rental costs based on various factors such as yacht specifications, rental duration, and seasonal demand. This transparent and instant pricing information helps users make informed decisions and choose flexible payment options that suit their budget.

Comprehensive Travel Map: Our platform includes a comprehensive travel map that provides detailed descriptions of yacht specifications, equipment, locations, and other pertinent information. Users can explore the map to gain a comprehensive understanding of the yachts available, enabling them to make informed choices based on detailed descriptions and photographs.

Real-time Communication with Yacht Owners: Our platform facilitates real-time communication between users and yacht owners through instant notifications. Users can receive prompt responses to inquiries, discuss specific requirements, and receive updates, fostering effective and efficient communication. This real-time support ensures a seamless user experience.

Payment System: We implemented a secure and convenient payment system that enables users to complete their yacht rental transactions seamlessly. The payment system ensures the security of financial transactions and provides a hassle-free payment experience for users, supporting flexible payment options and ensuring guaranteed security.


SailSpeak has turned yacht rentals into a simple, intuitive process. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive search engine and fast notification system have increased user engagement and satisfaction. With the ability to share detailed information about their yachts, owners found value in the platform, leading to an increase in the number of boat listings. The automated valuation system simplified the transaction process, fostering trust and transparency between users and boat owners. The result is a highly efficient yacht rental marketplace that meets the needs of both yacht owners and customers.